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Hi ya'll!
I have a question about my baby, Diesel.
He is a nubian and my first goat, I got him July 30th when he was only a month and a half old. I live in Northern Indiana and the night we brought him home it was cold outside, about 46F, so Diesel got to sleep in the house... and continues to sleep in the house, lol.

So, being so young and around my family and I almost constantly, he formed a bond pretty quick. He was like one of the dogs, but had some perks they didn't. Like our dogs are NEVER allowed on any furniture, but we'd let Diesel up and he'd curl into our lap and fall asleep. He be given some fruit every now and then, and he came everywhere with me at home. The dogs created a strong bond with him too, treating him as one of their own playing with and cleaning him all the time. Terrified poor Diesel at first, but now he runs right out and ruff houses with them whenever he gets the chance! Needless to say the whole family loves the goat, even the horses were enthralled by him and would follow him aroud when he did chores with me.:)

Sadly though, school ended up starting in August, and I could no longer stay with Diesel all day. So, the first day of school he was alone from 7 in the morning to 3:40 in the afternoon, the longest he had ever been by himself. I was incredibly nervous all day at school, but knew that he was safe in his cage in the house with food and water, and had the dogs in the house to keep him company. When I got home he seemed fine. Granted, he was crying his heart out, but he does that when I leave him for 10 seconds, so that was normal. I let him outside and turned on the oven to make my brothers an after school snack and ran to the bathroom. He was outside maybe 5 minutes before I brought him back in, he was pawing at the back door, which he learned from the dogs for when he wants back inside.

I then put the food in the oven, put a timer on, the went to check on the horses. It took maybe 10 minutes and when I got back in the house my dad was home and my mom had taken the car to a meeting she had, so we were carless. My dad was standing next to Diesels cage and commented that he looked funny as I came in the door. I took him out and he was completely limp. He couldn't even hold his head up amd when I held him up he sagged like a rag doll. 20 minutes later he was bloated and crying out in pain, straining his body every now and then. I was horrified. I didn't know what was happening or how to help him. He had been fine not an hour before and now he just stopped moving, and my dad thought he had died.

Our neighbor is a vet and my brother ran down to ask if she could help us. She drove over and I took him outside. Her first words to me were "Is he even alive?". That made me feel good. She looked him over and put a needle into his side where he was most bloated. That didn't help. She said that he had a foam bloat brought on by a slight change in weather and high stress, and once an animal gets it as bad as he had it, they're pretty much done.
We gave him some off-brand pepto like medicine and she left saying good luck, but, she didn't expect him to make it through the night.

I stayed up with Diesel all night. I wrapped him in blankets and rubbed his stomach until the next morning. By the time the alarm went off to get up for school, he was doing great. He was standing, eating, drinking, and when I had to start getting ready for school he would nudge my leg then run back and jump on the couch. He hasn't had a problem since that day.

So, my question is, has anyone ever heard of this? Does it happen reacurringly, and should I worry it might happen again? Are there different ways to treat it that are more effective? If anyone has any knowledge on this dort of thing I would be very thankful on any info!
Thank You!!
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