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    I've been really wondering about all of these diseases; CL, CAE, Johnnes (sp?). I want to take blood tests of my herd so I can rest assure that they are safe.

    Question #1: what will I need? I have needles and syringes. But have no clue where to purchase the test tubes.

    How to Ship? how to pack the samples. I need them not to break since they'd be going for a long ride from AK.

    Where to send? in your experience which Lab is customer friendly, reliable. etc.?

    I've never drawn blood but i think i know what i'm doing, shave the neck; find jugular, administer needle, pull back to draw blood 2cc, put cap on, label and save. tips would be nice.
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    Oct 4, 2007

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    You will want to use a 3cc 20g syringe to draw the blood with. You will put the blood into a Red Top tube - perferably the 10cc, but the bigger will work. You want at minimum 1 cc - but if you can get all three that is the best. When the blood is spun down in the centerfuge, it seperates the blood platelets from the serum - and the serum is what is used to run the tests. Each animals blood will produce a different amount of serum.

    As far as packaging. You wrap a the vials in paper towels and put them into a baggie, then you take that baggie and put it in another baggie with the ice packs, then I put them in another baggie with the paperwork.

    Make sure your vials are marked very clearly on who is who.

    I reccommend WADDL here in wa state I speak with Dr. Snekvik there - and I really like him.

    Prices are fair, customer service is awesome, titers are given, all questions are answered, and they ARE veterinarians!!!
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    okay thanks, WA seems cheaper to ship to anyway. and prices are good $10.00 per box, $5.25 ish each. But how does the billing work? And I'm not going through a vet, so all prices will be the same? found the vials at PBS animal health, 100 count = $16.00 , the red ones. thanks everyone. Also: doe WADDL do CL, Johnes also? i couldnt find it on the site.
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    I use PanAm Vet Labs for all of my testing. Its in Texas though so shipping may cost you a bit. They do package deals for multiple tests on one blood sample (I think its like $6 for one test, 11 for 2 and 15 for 3 and $4 for each additional test). They also have the biohazard stickers available to print off on the website as well as detailed packaging instructions. All the prices are on the website to so you can compare it all including shipping with all the other ones. Here is the site:

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    cjpup - please take a look at my pos tin regards to CL info!!!

    Alaskandboers - you are welcome - they do everything you can think of!!!!!!!!!! (fee schedule - and no you do not have to be a vet!)