bloodlines (Mix and Match)?

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    when breeding goats...okay heres an example (using boers, but can apply to any breed, i'm familiar with these so i'll use 'em)

    If I had a doe packed with EGGS lines, should I keep those lines by breeding her to bucks with EGGS lines or should I mix them with AABG, Pair-a-docs, or other lines?

    So I guess the question is- is it desirable to have one or more than one 'herd name' for the goats on a pedigree?
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    You can go any way you like.... :) ....E.G.G.S is the breeder name...not all eggs are you probably already know.... :)
    Look at each animals good traits....conformation...muscling width ect.....try to avoid the bad ones.... Any mix of eggs or ..? ...will work....remember... the goal is... a good producing matter what you mix with ....sometimes you have to play with the pedigree and take the maybe better your goats....getting the right combination is the key ... :thumbup: sometimes it works and sometimes it don't... :greengrin: :wink: hope I helped..

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    It really depends. Some breeders are known to have tightly line bred animals. That said, since those animals are so tightly bred they may not cross well with other lines.

    Or some lines just don;t work well together. For instance, I know a lot of breeders who say Ryals and Powell/Holman don;t mix well. Roger McSwain used to have all Ryals but sold all those and moved to Powell/Holman when he realized he couldn;t mix the two.

    EGGS generally mixes well with most other lines.

    I don't really consider 2dox or Able Acres a line. They are newer breeders and their genetic base is not consistent. For instance 2dox used to be heavily involved with Farmer's Exchange. Now their animals seem to be a mix of everything. Not to take anything away from them-their animals are amazing. But I tend to refer to their animals individually by their background.