Blue Eyed - Moonspotted Doe ADGA Oregon

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Well, I have nine does (if you count the two doe kids I retained this year) and two acres and my husband thinks it is time to down size. I wouldn't agree with him normally as my max is fifteen...BUT, I have three horses and am breeding my mare this spring for a half Arabian (hopefully sabino) Khemosabi and Padron bred foal. :stars: .... We had to wait on the breeding last year, but its happening hopefully in March or April! So I plan to sell a doe or two to go towards her breeding fees (a shipment of semen alone is $250 each).

    Not to mention I am getting to breed lease my favorite buck on the west coast this fall, so I will be retaining a ton of doe kids next year if I'm lucky enough to get many from him. :)

    With all of that information, I decided to sell Poit. She comes from great lines and has a capacious udder. Very easy to keep weight on, even while feeding triplets and her babies thrive. She also has needed no birthing assistance from me so far. She was raised with a selenium deficiency as a kid, so she is cow-hocked in the rear (her parents, grandparents, and all of her kids have normal legs.) So she can't go into the show ring and next year I'm really shooting to be able to show every single one of my does. I like something about all my gals in my program, so the criteria for who goes right now is who isn't getting shown.

    Hugely capacious, both wide and deep without losing feminitiy. Level and very uphill. She is trained to the milk stand likes butt scratches. She is available the 15th of August when her kids are weaned. Firm on $250.

    Apothecary Farms Poit
    Sire: Pholia Farm KM Goliath*B LA G+ 83
    (AGS Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck ++B LA81 x AGS QSF PH Marias Fiesta 1*M +VE+ 82)
    Dam: Pholia Farm RA Zilla
    (AGS Rosasharn SS Aquarius ++B LA++V 82 x AGS Pholia Farm QS Dewdrop 1*M LA ++EV 84)



    UTD on shots, worming, copper bolus, hoof trims. Disbudded and no scurs. Can deliver within 4-5 hours for cost of fuel in my Cherokee. Located in Southern Oregon.
    [email protected] or of course PM me or reply to this thread.
  2. firelight27

    firelight27 Hopelessly Addicted

    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon

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    Wow I remember when you brought this girl home, I think.

    If you were closer I'd snatch her up.
  4. firelight27

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon
    I've had her a couple of years now. I actually sold her last summer around this time for the same reasons ( I was GOING to use my Rhocky breeding on my mare this spring but alas), but the woman ended up bringing her back because she wanted another easy milker and said she squatted too low on the milk stand. I actually like that about her, she squats when you milk her as if feeding kids. Which means she stands still! Lol.
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    I really like her! Good luck selling her. Im sure she will be snatched up soon!

    If only I wasnt at my
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Not that you'll have a problem selling this gorgeous girl, but if you can't and you lower the price please let me know, (I have already spent a lot on goats this year, but have always loved moon spots! just sucks I wouldn't be able to show her. but I am interested!....I might shuffle some finances.....
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    Jul 17, 2012
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    Stop tempting me!! lol. If I hadn't just spent 2K on goats and goat stuff in the last month, I would so want her!
  8. firelight27

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon
    Everyone is at their limit right now it seems. Lol. Me too. And there are several places where-in I would really like to be on a doe kid list! ...She was born February 2008, so 4 years old. I imagine she could be shown but I'm sure the judges would penalize her for the cow-hocked rear legs (which make her waddle a bit. It kind of funny.)
  9. firelight27

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon
    Well, no real interest right now. Kind of surprises me with her coloring and bloodlines. In any case, I'm having a hard time keeping up with the demand for my milk right now, so I will be keeping her to help out will have her bred in October. Either to my buck Diji Farms CG Densil Washington (moon-spotted) or Goldenbrook Farm MR Fireworks (moon-spots & blue eyes..hopefully leasing this fall.) Both have photos on my site. So if anyone is interested down the line, keep her in mind. She will be $300 bred.
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    Mar 23, 2012
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    Re: Blue Eyed - Moonspotted Doe ADGA Oregon WILL TRADE

    :dance: Just cause.