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Blue eyed Nigerians?

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What do you all think of this ad? I'm specifically looking into one of the bucks. I've sent an email out to them already. I'm not well versed in pedigrees. Opinions? I would most likely just take the youngest one, and the price is right.

Nigerians: (Asking $100 each)
Carrie's Caprine's LBE Sable
DOB: 4/26/05
Reg ID: D-30442
Blue eyes

Goat Mountain View's Dandelion
DOB: 3/12/09
Reg ID: D1513735
Blue eyes

**Bucks are in the process of being registered with the ADGA. The paperwork should be in shortly. Two are 1.5 yrs, the other was born this last spring. All are blue eyed and the two older are proven. Asking $50 each. Cheaper than a stud service! They come from the same line as Sable and Dandelion.

Opinions? Thanks!
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There is no pedigree to look at. The names aren't familiar to me but I don't know many names on the west coast.
I have s blue eyed purebred Nigerian buck but he is unregistered. Last year we had nine blue eye bucklings all with different marking.'His name is Fancy Face You can tell how small he is compared to the black feed bucket he is next to. He is full grown


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Is there any way to look up their ID? Not sure how though. The guy answered back about the testing and they were tested 2 years ago, and no other animal has entered their herd since then, so they have not had them tested since then. Not sure if I like that or not.
Here is the web site for the Goat Mountain View herd and I would suggest contacting Melinda Weer the breeder for more information, she is really good to work with. Hope that helps.
SKM Mac's Rainbow Nigerians
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