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    I am selling the last of my unregistered Nigi's, Pepper and her three doe kids, so that I can focus on showing. Pepper is a 4 yr old black and white purebred (non-registered) nigerian dwarf with beautiful blue eyes and a sweet personality. I owned two of her daughters from previous kiddings, and they freshened with lovely udders. This time around she was bred to my fancy Piddlin Acres buck, Beau, so her kids definitely have the udder genetics to make nice family milkers. On top of that, all four of these lovely ladies are very flashy and have stunning blue eyes.

    Would prefer to sell at least two together so that each one has a friendly face at their new home. Babies are currently nursing on momma, but also take a bottle so they can go to a new home as bottle babies or can stay here until they are weaned. Willing to make a deal if someone buys all 4 together.

    Asking $175 for momma, in milk, and $150 each for the doelings. All with be disbudded, vaccinated, and wormed prior to going to their new homes. Momma was tested last summer for CAE (ELISA) along with the rest of my herd and her test came back negative.

    Pics: ... roup_3.jpg ... kids_1.jpg ... kids_3.jpg ... kids_4.jpg

    Cynthia Wickliffe
    Harlequin Nigerians
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    Where exactly are you located, if you don't mind me asking? I really like mom and one of the kids. I won't have extra cash until after tax time, but with luck they'll be ready to wean around the same time I'll have my money, some of which I had planned on using to add a few more does.

    I could possibly see taking all four if it was a good enough deal, and you're not too far.

    Can't wait for tax return, so many plans!

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    We are southeast of Austin, off of Hwy 71 between Austin and Bastrop. We also travel up to the Dallas/Ft Worth area fairly frequently for shows so we might be able to meet up there at some point.
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    Thanks. :)

    Just gone done sending you an e-mail.