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Bo-Se questions

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Hi everyone,

I have some questions about giving Bo-Se. I noticed that a couple of our wethers have very weak pasterns on their back legs, so much so that their pasterns will occasionally knuckle forward when they are walking and cause them to trip a little. So I want to go ahead and dose them.
We use the goat weigh tape from Jeffers to estimate weight. I usually add 10 pounds to whatever the tape says their weight is. Should we still do that when dosing Bo-Se?

Also, do they need to be given any vitamin E other than what is already in the shot?

What size needle do you use to give Bo-Se?

Anything else I should know about it?
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I would just go with how you normally figure out weight. I have never given an extra vitamin E with BoSe. 20 guage needle should be fine.
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Since that’s a pretty obvious sign of needing some selenium I would go ahead and do your normal formula on weight.
For needle I just have 1X20 and so I use that. It does the job just fine. A little slow but a 18 I think is a bit big, but for others that’s their go to size.
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