Boer and Mixed Breed Goats For Sale

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    -6.jpg -8.jpg -12.jpg -9.jpg -13.jpg -15.jpg -1.jpg -2.jpg -3.jpg -4.jpg I have 2 commercial Boer does, 1 Boer kid doe that can be registered in the ABGA, 2 mixed breed does, and 2 mixed breed doe kids. Sad to sell them all, but life is too busy and I am not able to give them the attention and work they should get.
    The 2 commercial Boer does are 19 months(traditional color) and 3 years old(solid red color). The 3 year old is a very low maintenance doe. She has been a great for me! She had triplets in 2019 with no problems as her first bunch of kids; and triplets again last March. Two did not make it. Not a fault of hers, I take responsibility. The kid she raised this year is a really nice, colorful wether that will be shown this fall if all goes as planned. At a little under five months old he was 72 pounds. I added a few pictures of him as well.
    The 19 month old was shown last year as a kid doe and did as well as expected. She was also shown in the novice class and could not have been any better for the young showman! She has a very calm, sweet personality.
    The Boer kid doe was born February 19th, 2020 as a twin to a good wether. Her dam and sire are registered in the ABGA. This year was her dam's first time kidding. She did great! Plenty of milk and no issues with raising the kids. She was weaned June 13th. It was a little rough going at first, but she made it through just fine. She is really gentle. Loves people and attention!
    The 2, mixed breed does are both 3 years old. One of them had had the twin kid does that I'm also selling. They were her first bunch and she did really well. Very good, calm mother. They were born the 13th of February. At about 5 months they were right around 50 pounds. They are smaller framed goats. The kids are weaned.
    Contact me with any questions!

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    Congrats on the sale. They looked like very nice goats.
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    Loving the goats! Congrats! :happygoat:
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