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I currently have my FB 4 month old Buckling with my 4H Mkt wether on a dry lot. I'm trying to create a feed plan that will be safe and grow large muscle and good conformation on both of them. I work out both of my males everyday. We go for walks and sometimes a more intense workout to build muscle. I do not know the medical history of the Mkt wether it was done by the 4H club and I forgot to ask. My buckling had the 2nd CL vaccine on 4/16, 2nd CDT vaccine on 4/20 and was wormed with Valzaben on 3/29 and 4/16. My current idea for a plan is 1.5 Ibs of Purina goat grower top dressed with 4ounces of "Goatzilla" and 3 pounds of Alfalfa per head. Fed once a day in the late afternoon. Free choice sweetlix meat maker minerals. How does this sound? Should I feed free choice Alfalfa? I live CA and Alfalfa in the cheapest option for me. Any other supplements? I'm trying to achieve 50/50 pellets to roughage ratio. I do not know they weight on the buckling but the wether is around 70 pounds. I would like to show the buckling some time in the future. I got most of feed idea from "Raising Meat Goat" from Gail Bowman.
Any insight would be great.
Thanks Auggie
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