Boer Definitions

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    Boer Definitions
    When visiting Boer Goat Breeder websites, I see several terms used to describe the goat’s genetics. I am a little confused. Went to the American Boer Associations website, but it didn’t have this info. (Might have missed it). Are these terms standard to everyone, or they subjective to interpretation. Here are the terms and MY take on them, please let me know if I’m on the right highway, or going the wrong way on a one way street.

    FullBlood = 100% Boer, Genetically pure.
    Crossbreed = Boer x another breed
    Percentage = Crossbred Boer x Boer
    High Percentage = (Crossbred Boer x Boer) x Boer
    PureBred = is this the same as a FullBlood, and can it also mean that it’s been bred Boer so long, that the Genetics can be considered Pure.
    American Purebred = I’m lost on this one.

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    Everything 94% up is Purebred American. Any lower & they are officially know as Percentages.
    Fullbloods are 100% only. The only way to get Fullblood offspring is to have a Fullblood buck over a Fullblood doe.
    Fullbloods, Purebreds &Percentages all have different colored reg papers.

    Keep it up, you're doin good Daniel!

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    fullbloods are the only 100% boer. everything else could have had another breed in the mix, even if it was a long time ago, those goats will never be 100%.....but still pretty close.
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    Hope this helps: :thumb:

    Fullblood=100% total boer

    Percentage= could be 50% boer x another breed AKA "Percentage"
    75% Boer x another breed AKA "Percentage"
    88% Boer x another breed AKA "Percentage"
    94% Boer x another breed.. ABGA classifies them as.."American Purebred"
    97% Boer x another breed = ABGA classifies them as.. "American Purebred" we casually talk about these percentage goats.. it's just another way to describe them.. in our different wording which..they can be called..
    Purebred Boer "AKA High Percentage"
    or Crossbred. :wink: :greengrin: