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    Mar 23, 2009
    I lived ivn vacaville. It is a two hour drive Hello, I have a cute boer doe that is 94% boer and looking to sell her as a breeder. If you are interrested breeder in the California area. Please Contact me and I will send pictures. Her name is Alice because her spunky and cute attiude. Contact E-mail and she will be open for a sell after the dixon may fair in may.
    ALice's Owner
    First time Meat goat owner for 4-h
    P.s Please Contact me asap I am having her kept at my leaders house because I don't have land.
    She is collar and Halter trained too. But a she loves people and all kinds of livestock she will be alivable in may
  2. alice_attiude

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Re: Anyone selling in Northern CA?

    Alice is registered with the International Boer Goat Assoc. Here are some pictures. She is brown with white spots. She is five months old, :)

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    I don't see any pics .... :wink:
    you may have to shrink the pic ...if it is to large.. it will tell you on the top of the page when you try to post it...