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1st doe:
-Very narrow and shallow in the chest, causing her to look disproportional and pinched in the fore rib. She is weak in the chine, taller in the hindquarters, and steep down into her rump.
*Looks for a buck who is very, very level along his topline, wide and capacious through his chest, and has a good spring of rib. You want him to be very blown apart, mostly in his front, because the doeling's flaw is in her constricted chest.

Doeling #2:
-A bit shallow in her body capacity. I would also like to see her with much more muscling and dimension.
*Find a very thick, massive buck with plenty of conditioning and size, but be sure not to sacrifice good conformation for that.

The others said it well. I might also worry about your first doe carrying her pregnancy. Are they both FFs?
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