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here is a link to show you how to check the eyes and a chart to score their color

could be worm load...could be Pneunomia... could be lung worms..lots of could be's

Get a temp
Check Eyes
have a fecal done ,include cocci...they will not check for lung can do this ( according to goat hiker) by collecting a few berries and wrapping them tight in a square of gauze..floating them in a cup of water over night..Lung worms or larve will float in the water..

If you cannot have tests done..worm with a good wormer to include lung worm..I use ivomec plus (1 cc per 40# sub Q) or Valbazen (1 cc per 10# oral, Not for pregnant does.)
If antibiotics are needed, ..Tylan 200 (otc) 1 cc per 25 # every 12 hours for 5-7days or Nuflor (rx) 3 cc per 100# once daily for 5-7 days)

keep them hydrated with electrolytes..Probios and B complex are always good
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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