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Boers4ever’s Kidding Thread 2023

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WHOO HOO!!!! IT IS TIME!!! My first doe is due to kid in 4 days!! I absolutely can’t wait! This is the first year that all my kids will be half myotonic instead of Boer. My hope my new buck Stumble will pull through for me.
First off, Poppy is the first one due. However, she is mostly ND and she has a tendency to go a little earlier then normal. Last year she had triplets. She was the first doe I ever had and she is my precious baby. I get worried about her sometimes when she is about to kid, but she has always done great and is a great mama.
*actually I just separated her into a kidding stall because she wouldn’t eat this morning. She is wondering around with glazed eyes kinda screaming and looking for her unborn kids. I hope for kids pretty quick!!! Whoop!
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Otherwise I have 3 other does.
Annabelle is due in a week. She is a white Boer. This will be her second kidding. Dottie is also a Boer and has an unknown due date, and same for Storm, my only Spanish doe.
I will post pics of them later after I deal with Poppy. Wish her luck, and lots of doelings for everyone!!
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Only tie if there is a problem. I liked to put on the iodine at least twice. Good luck!
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Just keep an eye on her.
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