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I have been burning brush in my goat pen since I started clearing the pasture. In doing so, I have stumbled upon a few tricks that I find are extremely beneficial.

1) Because I burn the brush and often have company, snacks and beer while I am burning, I found that this is a perfect time to practice camp manners. The goats are always fine when its just me but teaching them to be "chill" when other people are there and have snacks in their hands has always been a challenge. I think the excitement of being in a new place and the temptation of treats was just too much. It was chaos. Now after a summer of burning brush and practicing manners the boys are SO MUCH BETTER. They still look at us with wanting eyes, but they dont mug my company anymore.

2) CHARCOAL ! The first few times I burned in the goat pen, I stayed until the fire smoldered out. It really didn't leave much in the way of charcoal, it mostly left ash. I did notice that my boys (and girls) liked to dig up and chew the burned chunks of wood they could find though. One time I put the fire out using a hose and it left behind a big pile of charcoal. THE BOYS LOVED IT. They chewed the coal pieces until most the pile was either gone or stepped on. I even had one goat dust bathe in it. Since they have had this access to free choice charcoal, they boys are looking great. I would like to think that the health benefits of this are many but I will be even more curious to how this will effect my milk next year. I also have an unproven theory that this regular diet of charcoal my give them a "Hoof Up" on toxins, should they encounter them.

3)The bonding time is second to none!

I would recommend goat pen campfires anytime.
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