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    I think I've done a pretty thorough job of searching for threads on everyone's favorite books. I found a couple, but not many recommendations. Does anyone have any favorite books?

    For: care, health, feeding, etc

    For: ways to use milk, soap making, milk handling, recipes, etc

    For: meat? I don't know what qualifies as I don't know anything about meat goats, but I am sure someone does!

    For: showing, success in the ring, what is judged and what to look for, conformation guides, etc

    If you have a favorite recommendation I would LOVE to have it. I want to learn all I can! :thumbup:
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    Jul 6, 2008
    Northwest Oregon
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Life in the Goat Lane" by Linda Fink. Lots of funny goat stories there! But not a learning book, really. . . you will laugh out loud though!

    Natural Goat Care -- Pat Coleby

    Goat Medicine (Be aware that there are a lot of big Veterinary words in this book, it is also quite expensive)

    Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats (there is also a guide to Meat Goats)

    Barnyard in Your Backyard

    Goat Husbandry

    Goats - Small Scale Herding for Pleasure and Profit

    Illustrated Standard of the Dairy Goat (GREAT book to learn conformation with, hard to find though)

    The Goat Care Handbook

    Believe it or not, I also learned a lot by listening to James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small. I preferred listening for all the fun voices and accents but reading would do too. ;) He describes only one goat-related case (just shows how hardy goats are!!) but the cases involving hard calvings and foalings were interesting and surprisingly informative, even though goats differ in so many ways.

    Home Cheese Making

    Soap Making:
    (I didn't use too many books to learn how to make soap -- trial and error along with the internet)
    Making Natural Milk Soap

    Milk Soap Making

    Honestly, I think probably the best resources have proved to be the internet. LOTS of information to be found there. Here are some links in my Favorites:
    FAMACHA Parasite Monitoring System
    Goat Judging and Standards
    The Biology of the Goat
    Parasite Eggs
    Fias Co Farm -Just about everything goat-related is covered somewhere on this site.

    And of course this place and other Goat Forums. :D

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    the Storeys series is great. they have dairy goat meat goats chickens horses...just about every farm animal you can imagine.
    Living with goats by margaret hathaway is new and good for the backyard goat farmer.
    goat medicine by mary smith
    Diseases of the goat by john mathews
    the goat keepers veterinarybook, 4th book i loved this one and have refered to it a lot
    the illistrated standard of the goat handbook (i know someone said it was hard to find) i got mine from caprine supply.
    Caprine supply as well as Hoegger supply have a who section devoted to books.
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    This sounds like a GREAT start! Esp for a newbie like me :wink: Thanks so much for your contributions!
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    Jul 6, 2008
    Northwest Oregon
    The one I am referring to is "The Illustrated Standard of the Dairy Goat" ( ... 068626679X) I found it at our local library -- it's quite a bit older but has proved very valuable to me.
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    hmmm not sure if its the same book or not, the one you posted the link for is by nancy owen the one at caprine supply is by lee owen.
    If you're into showing another very useful book is dairy goat judging by Harvey Considine. It was published in 84 but it has some great info and pictures especially in the faults and disqualification section.
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    If you goto the Caprine Supply website and search "Lee Owen" the book comes up and the author is "Nancy Lee Owen" The one listen on Amazon is out of print so perhaps the one at Caprine is a later addition published more recently? Either way, I think it's one I want to add to my collection for just plain good knowledge! Thanks :thumb:
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    Jul 6, 2008
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    Oh, wow they do have it! It must be a newer copy then -- I think the information is all the same except the scorecard standards by ADGA have changed slightly, I think. Good to know there are still some left! I just put it on hold from the library again. No one else in our county seems to want it so I just kept renewing it for almost a year! ;)
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    May 30, 2009
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    The Nancy Lee Owen book is also available through Hoegger Supply $17.95. The copy we have still has the old ADGA scorecard but we got ours many years ago.
    That is a good one for those just starting out showing/breeding to get a starting point for understanding conformation. There are still a lot of finer points not mentioned(wish they would show something about teat placement) but in general it is a good source of beginning information.

    A couple others to add to the list... Pygmy Goats: Management And Veterinary Care by Dr. Lorrie Boldrick and Lydia Hale. And friend wanted to lend me this book so I could check it out and I was so impressed with the amount useful of veterinary info that I bought a copy of my own and refer to it.

    Also- Angora Goat, It's History, Management and Diseases by Stephanie Mitcham. We purchased this book once when we were considering adding Angoras to our farm. Although we never made the leap toward Angoras found this book is still a good veterinary reference for goats.

    Goat Medicine by Smith/Sherman is a good reference but it is costly to buy and be prepared for some big words.

    All are available through Caprine Supply and Hoegger Supply