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And true to her glorious mothering, she has an udder bigger than Binky's!! I dried her off in October after I knew she was bred and today, not only did my hubby comment on her "wide load" but also her bag. Binky is a week away from hitting 145 with her second breeding and her udder is not as big! Please pray for a warm up around here next week, the temps for the weekend are to be in the single digits at night, I am going to be so nervous cause the coldest I've had kids born was the low 20s! Bootsies "used" belly is at 52 inches around...the most she's ever had was triplets, I hope she has twins at least , her udder will be balanced, unlike her last single kidding! Binky twinned before so a I am hoping so this time too...getting excited to see what her udder will balloon to.!

I'm rambling as I go and I'm sure you all have your own girls to tend to,but I am getting really scared here, losing a precious girl during a delivery is heartbreaking and traumatizing, I know theres always a chance of that happening when you choose to keep a buck or 2, even when the breeding isn't a planned one, this will definately be Bootsies last kidding and my hubby( believe it or not) wants me to keep a Bootsie baby, I have a baby of hers, Tilly, he was just in love with her buckling from last year and would like that lil' guy. Won't get it though cause Chief sired these ones. Sorry rambling again, guess the excitement of the up coming birth has me all jittery, not to mention the 2 pots of coffee and chocolate!!

Thanks for "listening"
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