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Liz. I would tell you that you need to go with your gut. That is what I have been going and it is a good thing.
Just watch them and look for any signs that are different. Make sure you have everything that you need handy.
The one thing I would like to tell everyone to make sure they have in their kidding kits, is a nasal aspirator for the infant section at your local store, or a ear cleaner. I KNOW that because I was able to use mine, ( I did one baby while my daughter did the other), if I did not have them I just might of lost them.
I have never needed one before last year and I only used it on one set of babies.

Another thing, is anyone has babies and they are full of fluid, or you do not have one of the aspirators, then grab then by their back feet, and swing them back and forth, that really helps.
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