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Borrowing a buck?

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I am borrowing a buck from my friend to breed my doe izzy. I was wondering how long you guys think I should keep him? I though about 6 weeks.. Approximately 2 heat cycles hopefully. Izzy is mostly a silent heat girl.. (I think she goes into heat when she was ramming her pen and stuff) I plan on getting him on the 19th of October and I have been told I can keep him for as long as necessary.. What do you all think?
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Breed her, then watch and see if she comes into heat again. If not, send him back. If she does, breed again. :)
I think that would be long enough to in theory breed her and check whether she comes back into heat or not. :)
They would be housed together.. That's the only down side.
You could always send him home sooner if you feel she is pregnant. I had a male in with 3 girls for 1 month and felt that the job was done.
This is his first breeding year. Rampage (buck) was born this spring sometime. So he's a newbie at this breeding thing.
Could you put your doe on a leash and let him do his thing? Usually once the does are bred the buck will leave them alone, too.
I don't have an area for rampage himself.. Izzy shares an approx.. 12 ft by 20 ft shed with my rabbits at the moment.. He will be sh
Sharing that space with her.. Outside time of course.. My sister had izzy last year and by chance threw her in with nova and she was preggers.. First try. But nova was experienced by this time..
Would it be possible to get cattle panels and just make a small pen? Or some hog wire or something.
I am going to talk to my bf and see once .
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