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BOSS sale alert

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For anyone who has a Meijer store near them, Meijer has BOSS on sale for $19. It is normally $29.99. Not sure how long it is on sale for. Probably through Saturday.
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Wish I did!!
It was either a 40 or 50 lb bag. It was a bigger bag but I don't remember which size.
Thanks! We have one about 20-25 minutes away, if I can get over there to get some I definitely will! I've been paying $5 something for 5lbs I think, it's a small bag, and when the 10lb. bag goes on sale for $8 I grab it, but I know that's not very good prices, so I've been wanting to look into somewhere else to buy it/sales.
Darn! My store only has them for $25.
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