Bottle Jaw?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by RPC, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I am not sure what bottle jaw is so if anyone could tell me that would be awesome. I have heard people talk about it but not really say what it is. I was wondering if it may be what my 2 kids have? They are the babies out of Ruby, The black head one had a lump/abscess on his neck right under his jaw. He has had it for a few days now. It doesn't seem to bother him because he is eating and growing like crazy. Then today I noticed his brother was starting to get one too. If anyone has any idea what this may be and how to treat it I would like to know. Thanks for your help in advance.
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    in your case its probably a goiter they get from eating alot. it should clear up on it own, larger goats get it from barberpoll

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    Well I think it could also be something called milk throat. Heres what I found on a web site.

    "One of my goats has a swelling under the jaw. How can I tell what it is?

    One option is "milk throat" a swelling which occurs in suckling kids, usually ones which are nursing rather heavily off a good producing Mom. It goes away when they stop nursing.
    If it is goiter (iodine deficiency) it will be down lower, nearer what would be the equivalent of the Adam's apple in humans. You would be able to feel it as a rather solid mass. If it is a goiter, you would best seek help from a vet."

    This was taken from a web site calledgoat wisdom under Faqs. Just wanted to site where I got the info.

    It is not solid, maybe fluid filled and she is a high producing Boer, Her previous owner milked her along with her dairy goats and said she really put out alot of milk. I dont know maybe I just answered my own question but I would kinda like to hear what others think. Thanks AlaskaBoers
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    May 6, 2008
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    oh well I got my names wrong, though I've heard it called goiter. I've never heard it called milk neck
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    I think it is either way because on another web site it said milk goiter
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    Sounds like a milk goiter. Bottlejaw is right under the jaw itself, comes on quickly and looks like a water ballon under their jaw. The milk goiter will go away on its own. We have had goiters on kids that drink a lot of milk, once they are weaned it starts to decrease in size, takes a while though.
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    OK well sounds good I am relieved that it is nothing serious.
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    Bottle Jaw is a hardish swelling under the chin/jaw, and can progress to a completely swollen head.
    It comes's from Barber's Pole worm {they will have very pale or white eyes}
    Liver Fluke, {breed in wet/swampy paddocks }
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