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Bottle jaw

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7 month old doeling was a bottle baby. She had packaged colostrum, then doe replacer, then finished with whole milk. She has consistently been smaller than her class mates, and we attributed that to her not getting moms milk. I have been watching her very closely the last few days cause she has seemed more lethargic than normal and this morning for the first time I saw a symptom I recognize. Check out the pictures and see what y'all think. I have Ivomec plus on hand, but can't remember SQ or IM, or dosages and duration. Any advice much appreciated.
This has been a really tough summer, we went 3 years with no problems and this year we have fought everything out there. We really need a cold winter in Tennessee. Thanks


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It does look like bottle jaw, first off, how are the gums?
Take a look at her lower inner lids..if they are not bright pink to red then she is anemic and that could very well be bottle jaw...Ivomec plus is 1 cc per 40# sub Q ...3 times 10 days apart then once again in 30 days...
for anemia
Red cell 6 cc per 100# double day one then daily for a week then once a week until good color returns to the kids...B 12 or b complex PLUS which has good amount of 12 in it..
high protien feed, alfalfa and green leaves all aid in the rebuildingof red blodd cells
Gums are whitish, so I am starting treatment. Can I put the b-12 red cell and Ivomec plus together in one syringe?
I would give separately.
I agree.. best to give it wishes
No debate, just wondering why?
I do know Ivomec is not water soluable where V B 12 is, not sure if that is a reason or not lol.....We do not know how one medicaiton will react when mixed with another, the effect could be slight or could be deadly..every where i read it says do not mix ivomec with any other medication..its better to run on the side of caution ;)
That's the way I will approach it. Thanks for the help.
Anemia takes a while to recover from, she will need time to rebuild her red blood cells...Bottle jaw is edema caused by the holes the worms left in the intestines, fluid seeps out into the jaw area while the goat rest you might see a decrease in swelling only to see it puff up later ..this is take time for the intestines to mend...It was explained to me That fluid is also around her heart and lungs. With this it is suggested not to stress the goat...meaning dont chase her down to medicate her..if she is on the wild side, pen her so you can treat her with out having to chase her. best wishes

Edit: here is an article I stumbled on while reading on Bottle jaw this morning...: )
She is super tame, she comes when I call her, even to get injections. I guess she is thinking, there is always a chance I might have one of those colored mini marshmallows in my pocket, and it is worth the risk.
She is probably 45 lbs, how much and how often on the B-12, are B-12 and red blood cell different?
happybleats just put this post up about ACV and bottle jaw

I would guess to use organic ACV with mother
B 12 is 1 cc per 25# once daily...until you see improvement in color..: )
Yes B 12 and red Cell are different..B 12 is a single vitamine that will support the rebuilding of red blood cells and red cell is a multi supplement rich with does have B 12 in it...but the extra 12 helps
Has anyone tried this as an aid to getting over anemia, I just picked it up at the hardware store.


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Has anyone tried this as an aid to getting over anemia, I just picked it up at the hardware store.
I've used it before as a drench but didn't find that it helped as much as giving a shot of Iron and B12. It is better than nothing though
Yep..thats Red Cell...6 cc per 100# I double day one then give daily for a week then weekly until you see good color..
Is this the aforementioned red cell treatment?
I assuming from the label it is an oral dose medicine. But you know what happens when we assume.
Thanks, I done the Ivomec plus yesterday SQ, but the B-12, should it be SQ or IM?
B 12 should be sub Q red cell oral : )
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