bottle ucklings, wethers and buck-sw. mo

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  1. firefly81

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    Nov 11, 2007
    sw. missouri
    one lamancha buckiling, black with tan trim and white splash on each side, 1 week old $30

    one half nigerian dwarf half pygmy buckling, tan with brown markings, has blue eyes, 1 week old $30

    one boer buckling tanish redish head, with white blaze on head, 2 weeks old $40

    also have 3 wethers, 2 alpine and one nubian mix, very tame great for brush control or pets, about 40 to 50 lbs $50 each

    one half boer buck about 60lbs, red and white paint markings, will be on the smaller side, $60

    can meet in joplin during the week or will be at the poultry swap in joplin at turkey creek feed on saturday (its on east 20th str.)