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OK, I have a question. And I may get some flak over it.

But I thought one of the benifits of useing pack goats was so
you did not have to pack in a bunch of food for them?

Now I am hearing this is poisenous. And that is poisenous.
so you have to muzzle them. :?

When I take Sully out on his walks. He just seems to taste.
And some stuff he just smells and leaves. He only eats dibby dabbs. Most poisenous stuff seems to say they are starved to
it. NOthing else to eat basically.
The only time I ever seen him graze is the lawn has clover in it.
And when I put steer manure on the lawn. He basically said this
smells like *hit. And would not touch it.

Oh and about testing the water. what about on the trail.
Are we suppose to pack water from home for the goats?
Or can they drink from the lake?

I may have to get a pack horse for the water, first aid kit, shelter and food I will need for the goats.

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Well I was thinking. My grandmother had a recipe for deer repellent
that she sprayed on her garden. It was raw egg (rotten better)
mixed with water. She said she had to spray every 3 days.
More often if it rained.

I thought I would try it here in the yard to like the lilac bush.

I suppose you could take that with you if worried about them eating

Thank you for not getting angry with me.

I use to raise and show rabbits. I used a stress vitamin
for turkeys in their water at home and at a show. That way the
water tasted the same to them.

I will have to look and see what is in it. I know salt was one thing.
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