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    Apr 14, 2008
    New Hampshire
    first off Brandy showed signs of labor last week, well I ended in up the hospital Thursday night until this afternoon had to have my appendix out
    Hubby is NOT a goat person I told him before they wheeled me into the OR what to do when Brandy Delivers

    here it is almost a week later Brandy is BAD

    Down, weak hanging head not really eating I made some calls everyone said give her the calcuim 2times a day and a Bcomplex pill once a day

    I gave her soem nutra drench when I got home gonna go make some corn syrup sugar water for her

    I felt the kid(s) I fell movement around her udder so there isnt one stuck its like she isnt in labor anymore

    I just hope everyone pulls through this

    sorry I am rambling I am pretty doped up and now worried about my baby Brandy anyone have any other ideas? or any other questions I can answer I know I am not thinking straight
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    Michelle, First of all I hope you are feeling better. I had my appendix out a couple years ago and that is not a lot of fun.

    When is Brandy due? Do you have a due date on her? Does she have a temp at all? Is she still eating and drinking?

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    Apr 14, 2008
    New Hampshire
    sadly I have no due date for her she ran with a buck all summer (lesson learned there, her udder is full an ligs r just about gone no more goo though, havent taken her temp her mouth is warm though sorry
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    Yeah it sounds like Pregnancy Toxemia to me
    We unfortunatly experienced this last year, treatment was just too little too late and we lost her and the kids (we have since switched vets who was sure that she was just uncomfortable and since there was no temp she was fine :veryangry: )

    Do you have propylene glycol? You need to get that to her ASAP- molasses is just not enough. Also make sure she is getting fluids, syringe some into her if you have to.

    Where in NH are you? Im just over the MA line and I have some Propylene Glycol you could have! (or calcium gluconate, Id have to check!)
    Is her udder full? Ligs gone? If you think she is due, you may want to get her some oxytocin and induce labor, the sooner she has those kids the better chance she has of making it.
    Edit to add- if she is too weak a C section might be needed....

    Heres some more info:
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Don't use oxytocin to induce labor if her cervix isn't open. Use a combo of Dexamethasone and Lute. I have both if you need them.

    Oh and sorry about the appendix, been there and done that. It's no fun at all! Be careful and don't stress yourself to much. :hug:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    how is she doing? I havent had anything to add :( so I didnt post but I am hoping she kids soon or starts to recover