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Breeding For The First Time

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I have a Nubian buck that I am breeding to three Nubian does. I have all of them in a pen together. I put them together November 1 and am thinking about leaving them together until the end of November. Is that how it is usually done? Just trying to make sure I'm doing this correctly. Silly question I know, but I keep second guessing myself.
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I leave my bucks with my girls all the time but if I were to do it different then I would probably leave the buck with the girls for a few months. That way if one didn't settle the first go around or if say two does came into heat at the same time and he really liked the one then gives the other girl a chance the next heat.
I usually leave the buck in with the girls for 2 months, then pull him. That gives him 2 heat cycles to settle the does.
We don't have a buck. When the does are in heat we travel to the buck and do driveway breedings. It's a somewhat cumbersome breeding technique. However, their kidding dates are spot on which makes delivery time much easier!
I hand breed my does to the buck, I don't let them stay with him. I want to know the exact breeding date so I can be there when they kid.

However, what you are doing is one of the ways to breed goats.
Another downside to driveway breeding...

We just drove 2 hours back to the buck's farm to make sure that it 'took' yesterday. Our Nubian doe wanted nothing to do with him, so now we're on our way back home ... where we will pick up our Sable doe and drive another 2 hours in the opposite direction for her breeding. And we need to fit in milking too! :)

If we are lucky, we might get home around 11 tonight.
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