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breeding frustration!

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Pickles had a second ultrasound last week. No signs of heat since she was bred Sept. 25. There's also zero indications of pregnancy. She's open. Again. Not even a hint that she took and slipped the fetus. The vet didn't say whether there was something wrong which is making me start to think Magnum has the problem. They've been penned together since February. They're both almost two. Somebody has a problem somewhere and it's driving me insane.

I'm working on getting a sperm count done on Mag and an ultrasound for Pickles from a different vet, but in the meantime, Magnum's been booted out to the back pen and we're trying with Demon. I am NOT a happy camper right now.
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Sorry you're having a hard time. :(
Have you tried using some cysterlin on her in case she's cystic?
No, not yet. The vet never said whether she did or not (am I wrong to assume he would have noticed? He knows how long she's been exposed to him). It's $50 to get Magnum tested, so if she takes with Demon I may get it done anyways, just for confirmation.
I don't think the vet would have tested her for fertility. The vet just did a Preg test right? I would give her a round of cysterlin before putting out the money to test your boy, as I believe that is more common than Bucks being sterile.
The vet did an ultrasound, so maybe he did miss it. She'll go in for another ultrasound in January and Demon has been in with her since yesterday, so if her ultrasound comes up as open then, I'll have her checked and started on treatment.

How eaay is it for cystic does to get bred (on treatment)? I'm kind of hoping it's just Magnum because if he is sterile he can stay on as a heat detector. If Pickles isn't likely to be bred though, she'll have to be sold.
Cystic does usually breed the cycle after treatment. Some during the cycle of treatment. Unless it's a severe case, she should be fine.
Did he look at her repro tract to see if any follicles or CLs are present?
I don't know. After the second time you think he would have, but I wasn't there and couldn't ask.

I am picking up a doeling from Demon's breeder this spring along with a saanen doeling, so hopefully this will be the only problem I run into.
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