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I just finished posting my breeding/kidding schedule on my website. Babies are due January - March, We should have some amazing kids this year, lots of 1st gen minis as well as some full lamanchas and some higher gen minis as well.

I have been heavily culling over the past few months and I am really happy with what I have now. All the kids will be registerable with the MDGA or ADGA. And all kids will be on bottles this year! so they can go to their new homes at 4-7 days old. All kids will have had their dam's colostrum and been disbudded (if not polled)

For more info and to see my kidding schedule see here -

And my herd is completely CAE/CL free! :)

To reserve your kids or if you have any questions either post here, PM me or email me at [email protected]
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