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Breeding question..

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So I've been looking around for a buck to breed my doe to, and I've found the guy I want. So the stud fee is $60-100, depending on which buck, that was on their website, but they didn't specify for each buck. And board is $3 a day.. So my question is should I only keep her down there for about a week and hope that I guessed when her heat was correctly, or should I pay that extra money to keep her down there for 3 weeks? And if I miss her heat have to pay the stud fee again? I'm just so unsure, I guess I really just need some guidance here. Thanks in advance :D
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You could do a driveway breeding and if she doesnt take you could go back breeder should allow for a second chance without repayment.. Alot less than $3/day for board. We personally dont board does but we do driveway breeding. in fact we are doing 2 today. we have 4 bucks to choose from so they pretty wel cover any faults of the doe.
I agree with what Enchantedgoats said, usually it in the agreement that the cost covers two attempts. If your really nervous about missing the day than I would do like 4 or 5 days at the most, but I think the best thing could be to to just talk to the owner about doing a driveway breeding and telling him when you know she's in heat and then just bringing her over. $3 is a lot per day, for just a goat, usually it's only a dollar or two.
Thing with driveway is typically you don't get the ideal breeding period. Yes, the AM/PM rule still applies as well, but you have MUCH higher chance to get her down there the second you are a for-sure heat sign and keep her there 24 hours after seeing the last sign of heat. At most, 3 day stay. I do agree though, a second chance is due if you do end up choosing a one day stay (or one hour).

For example-
The cows in our herd have an ideal breeding that is 15 hours after standing heat for our best conception. Our heifers however are at 11 or 13 hours depending on virgin or repeat. If an AI tech (I breed ours, but hypothetically) only came in the morning, we're greatly reducing chances of pregnancy to all animals whose hours peaked during the other 23 hours of the day.
Thanks guys! The only thing that I would see being an issue is that it is a two and a half hour drive to where the buck is.. I mean not that big of an issue, but it makes me nervous about whether or not she was ready..
wow that is a long drive, I'd drop her off for the three days
but I would wait for her first heat and then count the days for the second and just drop her off. I wouldn't wait for her to tell me when she is ready. She is more apt to talk to a buck and you don't want to catch her too late.
Cool, thanks! :)
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