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I don't breed my doelings until their second fall to kid out at around 2 years so of the 3 bucks I have...2 adults over 2 years and 1 at 6 months, all 3 are purebred Nigerian and all 3 are different sized, seeing the parents of a buck can help determine potential sizes of kids but feed management during pregnancy can also affect kids birth size.
I have a 9 month old doeling who is at 42lbs, the same height as her dam and I'm pretty certain that most breeders would not hesitate to breed her due to her size BUT I won't because she is still growing and I prefer to see proportion between height and length and at this time my doeling needs to have more length before I breed her. The buck I will use with her has a dam similar in size to my doelings dam and seeing his siblings also tells me that the resulting kids should be average sized at birth.
This doeling's sire is almost 3 years old and looks to be much bigger than she is, my other buck is almost 4 years old and is twice her size so the idea of breeding her to my older boy is scary because he is that much bigger but I know that kid size would be average.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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