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breeding question

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Ok, so I had my nigerian buck with my doe through her heat cycle. I never saw them actually do it, but maybe I missed it?
Anyways, I heard something like before the doe is bred, the tip of her vulva points out or upwards and after getting bred it points more downward..... is that true? And would that be something you'd notice right away, or not until later in the pregnancy?
Thanks! :)
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I can only speak for mine, but it seems to be true for them. It takes a couple of months for the tips to start relaxing downward.
I have heard that as well, but the tips always point down on all of my does, even when they are not bred. Except for my youngest Nubian, hers just looks like an oval with no tip. :whatgoat:
I noticed that before her heat cycle the tip was more outward and now at the end of her heat it's more downward. But if you usually don't notice it for a couple months, maybe I'm just imagining it?
Oh well, hopefully the little guy got her...:pray:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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