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  1. Riot_My_Love

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide when to breed my newest doe. I know not now, lol. But I've seen people breed their dairy goats at 11 months, but breed Boers around 13? I really don't wanna wait, lol, but I'll do what's healthiest for my doe.

    Advise appreciated!

  2. 7acreranch

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Eastern OK
    I knw in BOERS age is a factor but also is weight and condition of the doe. Some you can breed early if they are 60-70% of thier full grown weight. Have no idea on dairy.

  3. RPC

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    I know I should wait till they are over a year old but we need fair babies. So I was thinking about breeding them in october for march kids and that would put them at 13 months old when they freshen. I am only doing that if they are large enough. If they are not big enough then I will have to figure something else out. Maybe I will just have to buy a couple more does!! LOL
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    Apr 19, 2010
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    In our area they breed the boer does in the fall after they are born in the spring...sometime around 7-8 months old if they are at least 70 lbs. We are planning to breed our January/February born does in October/November but are only going to breed them once a year so they wont get worn down (and if they are 70+ pounds by then). We want spring babies from here on out, and I don't want to hold them until they are nearly two years old to breed them.
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    Okay, thanks guys!

    Perfect7, that sounds like a good idea.. Breeding once a year, that is. I have a late Feb doe.. So maybe after I show her this summer breed her in November for a Spring kidding? Is that right? Then she'll be prepared for the next summer show season?

  6. Itchysmom

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    Apr 2, 2010
    I am planning on going by the look of the doe to determine when to breed her. My doe that was a FF this year was breed last Nov, which put her at 9 mos of age when bred. She did fine and had 1 heathly buckling. The doeling I will be getting was born the end of Feb. I want to breed my does in Dec, which would make the doeling 10 mos old. If she has not grown to my specs, then I will wait on her as I do not need the kids right away, like for show. Mine are Sanaans BTW.
  7. Riot_My_Love

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    Thank you for your post! Yes, that is the same plan I have for my doe. I emailed the buck owner (Far View Farms in West VA), hopefully I got a reply. Thank you all for your help! :wink: