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So my hope was to only have my buck in with the does for a short period of time(last year I did 30 days) due to the fact that my single young doeling is separated from the older does (because I don't want her bred) and she's screaming herself hoarse she is close enough to see them but he can't get to her. Anyways I've seen no action this year unlike last year in which My LULU flirted rubbed and followed the buck around and I witnessed him mounting her. Today both of my does have a vaginal discharge and their vulva's are slightly pink do you think it may have happened last night? should I wait a little longer with him in there I put him in on Monday morning. I plan to preg test via biotracking to see if they are bred in 28 days? what would you do leave him or go ahead and separate. I could always put him back with one of them in 28 days if they didn't take but I was looking for February babies
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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