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I was wonderin opinions on breeding twice a yr. Ive heard its ok and ive heard people being dead set against it.

Caleb, Liptrap Livestock
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I think it's hard on the goats, and I know it takes a whole lot of feed to pull it off. I don't do it because I don't want to have to buy the feed and I don't think it's necessary to do what I want to do.
I was wonderin opinions on breeding twice a yr. Ive heard its ok and ive heard people being dead set against it. Caleb, Liptrap Livestock
It can be done I would think you would have to use full grown stock and have them on a very good diet. But it's not really ideal for the animals health because the does wouldn't have a large break from kidding to kidding. In honesty it's the choice of the breeder. I'm not an expert on this kind of thing so I would see what others have to say on this subject. :)
What would yall consider a very good diet (%protein, %TDN, %Fiber, etc)

Caleb, Liptrap Livestock
People do it but it wears the females out fast. Plus they would have to be on one heck of a good feeding program for proper condition. You won't make extra money on sick or unhealthy animals.
If I was to try to do it, I would pull the babies at birth and bottle them or put on a nurse doe. Give the doe 1-2 months to recoup/dry up and go again. If.
Tim I like how you think outside the box.;)
The new thing is to try to breed twice-large dairies try this in my areas. Kid once in the spring, and Once again in late fall. Then they skip a breeding and breed the following fall.

I really don't like this idea, nor would I personally do it. I want my girls to be profitable on the scale I'm set on, and ensure longevity through my herd.
Like with anything else breeding animals undoubtedly shortens their lifespan, just because of the strain it puts on their body during that period. Pregnancy & kidding can be hard on a well nourished doe who is bred only once a year. Even if you did have a great diet for your does I believe it would still put a gigantic stress on them and shorten their life span overall to breed twice a year!
I noticed from your avatar that you raise meat goats?
This is just guessing here but aren't kids usually bigger from well nourished does and a priority with meat breeders is size & weight? I might be way off and you could possibly have such a high demand for kids that you feel you should breed twice a year?

From my above response you can probably assume that I wouldn't do this either. If you decide to breed twice a year I would be interested to hear how it works out & if you have success.

(Dairy person...) ;)
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You are correct that size and weight is important. However I typically sell at weaning unless I am keeping a doeling or two. My main reason for asking about breeding twice a yr was to increase quantity beings I sell at weaning.

Caleb, Liptrap Livestock
If you want to have kids all year round or jut lots of kids you could increase the amount of does you have and breed half for spring kids and the other half for fall kids that way you get kids all year round and the moms get a good 6 month break between kiddings:) everyone's happy! :D
I prefer quality over quantity ;) I think if you have the space for it, get more goats, because I bet you will be feeding at least 2x as much as normal if the doe is bred 2x a year. I personally wouldn't breed 2x a year because it is so hard on them.
There are commercial meat operations that breed every 8 months. I don't know what kinda feed program they are on but Im assuming to cut cost prolly just pasture. If the doe cant maintain her body condition while being bred every 8 months she is culled. Your does life span is greatly reduced. The does usually stay in production till 6 years, where as if you breed once a year your does can produce up to 10 years of age or longer.
No one I know breeds twice a year & I certainly would not for the reasons mentioned.
That's why I'm keeping my kinders, so I can breed my seasonal breeders in the fall once a year, and my kinders in March or April to kid in August or Sepember, that way I have milk year around. I would think breeding them twice a year would wear their bodies out...., making them unhealthy...
I don't even know if they would breed twice a year. I keep my buck with my does all year long....I know shacking of the head bit works for me.....anyways the closest kidding between has been 9 months. The norm for most is 11 to 12 months and that's with the buck with the 24/7 all year. I just don't see them being able to kid that close. They (Boers any ways) will usually not come back into heat till after the kids are weaned. So let's take my 9 month goat as a example that's 5 months of being bred 3 months of nursing and a month to come into heat. If your after 6 months that's 5 months bred and having to breed her a month after she kids. I think you would have to jerk the kids at birth to even try and get her to breed back that fast even then I really don't think it can happen.
You can try to keep buck with the does all the time but you are going to end up getting summer kids.
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Flushing a doe in good condition will help her to have multiples!
Jessica...many people who breed 2x a year use ov sync or CIDR protocols. Especially seasonal breeders.
I know someone who runs around 300 head breeds every 8 months but its not boers, so that might make a difference. They pull the kids at 3 months an 10 days later their does come into heat. I don't know how they do it but they do.
2 times a year is to much. But you can do 3 times in 2 years. Thats not terribly uncommon. But as mentioned, you will need to feed a top quality feed to maintain the does health.
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