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I currently own more goats than I need, so will be selling most of the kids from next season and probably a few milkers. No Guernseys this year. CAE neg, CL-neg from random sample and symptom (or lack thereof), and am testing the matriarch to confirm Johnees-Neg this winter.
I will be on milk test and appraisal in 2014 and would love to see some Nubian kids in a DHIR-recorded or Appraised herd. Performance test and Youth/4-H/FA discounts available. These animals are the descendants of my 4-H project, and I have been highly conscientious of using the best bloodlines for a combination of milk and show, and preserving non-Kastdemur lines.

I would also be interested in trading a doe or buck kid (Mini or standard Nubian) for a dairy breed/cross ewe lamb (I can and would prefer to bottlefeed), and maybe alfalfa hay. If you have a trade offer for my buckling *B Rubystar NQ RMMS Keeni...seriously, make an offer of money, trade...or a combo of money and trade. He's a super sweet buckling, and he can't stay here.

Breedings available so far:
Rubystar Cedas Blazin Kalakala 1*M EX91 EEEE bred to Branchwater HRT Adicus (100% Jacob's Pride) First doe or buck retained Will be Pregnancy verified via Biotracking before I take any reservations This will probably be her last breeding...she is coming up on 10 years old, and thinks it's time to retire Due Late Feb or mid March (pending preg test)

Rubystar ADZ RWC Noqueessi 1*M VG86 (2 yr old FF score) bred to Branchwater HRT Adicus Great brood doe for both outcross and linebreeding, her 2012 daughter's udder is lovely. Big strong doe. Due early March.

Rubystar KLK CHEV Laymanaydi bred to MinterBay Easter Island (Nigerian Dwarf) The doe herself is just 29" tall, and about 90 lbs, and not due to nutritional deficiencies. Her 2013 daughter is a wide, powerful kid. Easter Island "Lucky" was the lucky fella when I saw his dam's picture in the Puyallup Fair Open Class GCH/BOB album, and then her 1300 lb lactation. Blue eyes and wild black and white markings expected...AND the buck has wattles, so a 50% chance of a wattled Mini Nubian - great type, milk and LOTS of color... can't go wrong here!! All kids from this breeding are available!! Due early April.

Rubystar NQ Cid's Sunnalei bred to Branchwater HRT Adicus Lovely up-and-coming doe. Sire is 100% Saada lines, and she looks Goldthwaite. Her twin does from this summer are STUNNING. They have incredibly correct toplines, and lots of dairy character... Simply lovely...I had to keep both of them to see their udders next summer... Due Early March.

Rubystar SUN CHEV Toyzi
Rubystar SUN CHEV Mika

These are Sunnalei's two lovely baby girls. I'm seeing GRREAT futures for these two girls. Everytime I find a fault, they grow out of it...
Rubystar LY EXP Mi Chante'
BIG, strong doeling. She's fat (body score 4) on nothing but alfalfa and a little pasture. LOTS of width and strength here, and what a lovely head.

All three of the listed doelings will be bred for July each to one of the following bucks (had plans, they are now up in the air...):

  • *B Rubystar NQ RMMS Keeni (ALSO for sale...asking $400, but don't be afraid to give me a rediculous offer of money, trade...combo? - 3/4 Remuda/Copper-Hill lines)
  • Remuda RMMS Caspian
  • Zebradreams07's grade Nubian buck "Cedar"
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