Broken leg, what else can happen?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by elchivito, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Went out to feed this evening and found one of our eight week old babies with her back left leg broken. The break was straight across the diameter of the bone, just above her lower joint. I'm thinking it's her growth plate. Both our vets were out of town, so I had no choice but to set it myself. I used the plaster fabric that you wet and wrap around the break. Got it as straight as we possibly could, actually I don't see how it could be any straighter. It's hardened up now and she's up eating hay, obviously not putting any weight on it but not dragging it around either. She weighs 27 lbs so I gave her .27 cc of banamine which seems to have helped. Spoke to the vet long distance and he'll be back tomorrow so I'm going to get her in there early so he can xray it and see if my handiwork has done any permanent damage. OF COURSE, it's one who's already sold and just waiting to finish weaning before she goes to her new home. Crap.....
    I've never dealt with breaks before. This kid season hasn't been fun all things considered, one of my boys who's great buck potential insists on regrowing horns. Not scurs, horns. I've burned him three times and can't do it again. Too big. He's going to have to be surgically dehorned or get banded and sold as a pack goat or into a horned herd or something. I need a vacation!
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    whew! I know how it can all be overwhelming.

    hopefully her leg is good to heal and your buck stops with the horn growing ordeal!

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    I am sorry for the injury....

    What did the vet say?
  4. A friend of mine had to do the same just yesterday. May it heal and correct itself fast.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    She had Xrays friday and the vet said he doubted he could get the leg any straighter than we had it, so recommended leaving the cast on and taking more xrays in 2 weeks. She broke both the Tibia and Fibula about half way up the bottom portion of her leg. The larger bone is line up pretty well, the smaller one is overlapped a bit but touching so it will grow new bone around the break. Fortunately her growth plate didn't break, which is what I initially thought happened. Sometimes when the break is at the growth plate it will heal fast, but the plate hardens into bone prematurely and that leg will stop growing, resulting in a gimpy leg. She's doing well, but protecting herself from all the other kids and their grumpy moms so she doesn't compete well for food. We're making sure she has a quiet place to eat and her own little hay pile. She's up and around a whole lot more than I expected, following the other kids around the pasture when they're out during the day. She gets tired and lays down a while and then she's up again catching up with them. I guess if this had to happen it's good that she broke a back leg and not a front. This morning I noticed she had that foot on the ground while eating, not really putting weight on it yet but still a small improvement. I've spoken to the family that has put a deposit on her and her sister and explained the situation to them and offered to replace her with the last unsold doe I have, or to return their deposit on her. Also offered to keep her until she's healed for them if they want to keep her. It's sad because she and her sister are completely identical and I sold them to a family with identical twin girls who will be starting 4H in the fall with them. The dad called me back to say they want to try and keep her if all works out well. Here's hoping!
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    That is good to hear, I pray that all works out and she heals quickly. Good job on your part that you were able to set it so fast and the fact that the owners are still wanting her is awesome.