Broken scur.. worst goat mom ever

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    Dec 6, 2017
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    We got a buck back on the 8th of this month and on the 15th he broke off part of his scurs. He was disbudded poorly and he has 3 scurs that grow 3-4" long and in every direction. When he did it there was a lot of blood. I washed him up and put a blood stopping powder on it. It dried into a huge clot. I don't know why I didn't pay attention to it closer until today. I went out to give him some ACV and noticed there were flies flying around his head. When I looked closer I saw that the clot (which was mostly the powder) had fallen off and underneath was not only the broken scur but another one that had been ripped half off. That's where all the blood had come from and I didn't notice it originally since I had glopped all the powder on it. The poor guy had fly blow and maggots in the area (this is the worst goat mom ever part). So I totally cleaned it up.. ever taken a bath with a buck??.. and sprayed some iodine on it and then used some spray around his face to deter the flies. Looking at it now though I think he may have some proud flesh in the tear. I'm somewhat at a loss on what is the best way to proceed from here other than trying to keep it clean and the flies away. Has anyone else had a similar situation or can someone offer some good advise on the best things to do for him now? It would be appreciated.
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    You are not a bad goat mom. I'm bumping this in hopes someone will give you a good answer.
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    Jun 27, 2018
    You’re not a bad goat mom at all hope someone comes along with good advice and good luck!
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    I hope someone comes up with a good course of action for you soon. Easy to miss things in a stressful situation.
    I am going to watch thread in case my goats with scars do the same thing.
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    I'd consult a vet.
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    Vetericyn! Spray it on at least twice a day.
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    I started that this morning! Thank you!!
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