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I am not sure why, but it seems like almost all of my goats have horn scurs and they seem to be breaking them for some reason.

I had Daisie - who was banded and she broke both of hers at different times

Then it was Gabe - who is pure white.

Now it is Joe Dirt - his mullet has gotten so big and I didn't realize his scurs were also growing rapidly. well he has now broke one of his. Monday is when he did it and the scur was laying again his head. I was supposed to pick up a dehorning iron last night to fix it and got all the way home and forgot to get it - but when I got home, he had it completely off and his whole mullet and down the side of his face was pure blood. I cleaned him up (mind you he was NOT happy about it), gave him another anitbiotic injection, and put a little blood stop on it. There was only one little spot that was bleeding.

He was still headbutting everyone and must not be bothering him to badly -

I just wish that these guys didn't have scurs - it is so frustrating!
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