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    Oct 9, 2007
    Well I've known some bucks to be mean during rut, aggressive, stand-offish as well as all sorts of other behavior - but Volt tops the cake for me.

    Well my goats are separated now (well almost always are, but the bucks are in the pens with the does I want them bred with instead of being with each other since b/c of my hours I really can't do "dates" with them and still go to work smelling half-way decent) - but anyhow, everyday I open all the pens and everyone gets to roam for awhile - down through the horse pastures over to the big field and back around the property (we kind of make a loop) - and everyone does great...they get out jump, play and run all over the place, but stay close and always come in to eat. (They're in fields, I just like to let them out to stretch in new territory and get something "new" for a bit - it's also easier to clean the pens/sheds/water buckets out and put out new water and feed without help from adoring fans LMAO).

    Well today when I let Volt and his girls out, one of his daughters gets out too (yes, the in your face, doggy breed me baby) and here comes Volt, spitting and sputtering - it was all I could do to get to her fast enough to just cover her and start moving her before Volt's on her side (well mine too). Well he's apparently so upset that I got between him and a doe in heat that he looks at her, spits, looks at me, blubbers, looks back at her (as she's now getting through the gate to the other side of the fence) and decides well - if I won't let him have her that I look good enough - and here he comes licking sputtering tongue flapping and leg kicking - I about p'd myself - anytime I get aggressive or demanding with him while he's in rut - he decides to go for the romance approach --- isn't there something about how he's viewing me in this whole mix?

    I was about half nervous he was going to be aggressive (over the top uncalled for type behavior) since I stepped in front of him in full rut and had to about beat him away to get her put up (still didn't figure out how she got out in the first place) --- and he wasn't. I can't say it wouldn't have been uncalled for in the least...it was a situation I don't want to be in...

    I wanted to be so nice to him - even now, in full rut he just wants to be scratched and petted - he'll go breed a doe, come back to be scratched - get a treat, breed another doe and come back to his hay pile - so laid back --- not even aggressive with other bucks (a minor head butt, competition type deal but not pushing it) but oh my gosh - he's just ... plain ol'....stinky.

    So here I am - feeling bad that I hit him with his collar (tried to grab his collar and it slid off) and then hollered at him again and again (to go away from his daughter first, then to get away from me so my barefoot stupid self could get to the water bucket and pick his collar up where I'd thrown it) - and he's stinking - and I'm...thinking- I'd never be stupid enough to get in front of a stud or a bull - or even a dog for that matter, but in the spur of the oh my gosh that's your daughter I really don't want you to touch her, oh no please don't....I lost my sense.

    So thank goodness for good bucks - I know his sputtering and coming after me was fool enough - but no harm, no foul - and now skin scrubbed raw with lye soap 10 baths later, I'm feeling great :). (I sure miss the Nigerian bucks LMAO - a lot less buck to move around and run from - and I could've picked the Nigerian doe up and ran with her....LOL).

    It was interesting to say the least. I guess the lesson - leave them alone when there's does in heat and bucks in rut - but in the past 4 days he's bred all the girls he was supposed to and behaved perfectly every time I let him out - it was this one....wonderful...time....laughs.... always want what you cant have....hormones change everything...and please while I've got a goodern who I know for 47 weeks out of the year, don't take a bucks good disposition for granted by forgetting rut changes everything....

    So while I was ready for breeding season a few weeks ago - I'm ready for it to be over in good enough weather to move everyone back and get him a bath - give him a big hug and a bunch of treats....
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    :ROFL: Silly how those boys are when in rutt....Thank goodness my "little" guys are small enough to pick up if need be! Chief does the same "romancing" to me when I feel the need to get between him and the fence...which has gotten him into trouble before, he is so cute and such a sweet boy any other time but I can do without the flapping tongue up my arm! Teddy is just learning the ways of a "big boy" and thinks he can out do my main man Hank....I got in the way of that one, my fault, and had my legs sandwiched between 2 very stubborn, hard powerful heads...ouch!

  3. Amos

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Adventures for sure! Sounds like you had quite a battle, these are LaManchas your talking right?
  4. Bona Fide

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    Oct 9, 2007
    lol yeah, the munchies. I've got to get pictures - poor Phantom doesn't care this year - he's my little sweetie pie - (his sire matured slowly too) and Vid, bless his heart - thinks he's 10' tall and top buck but isn't knee high to a fire aunt - but looking so good in his little...baby rut :) - but Volt - my regal hoss cat - he's a dandy - I'll have pictures before everyone goes out :).