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    Hello everyone,

    I am planning on getting two bucks in the short- to medium-term and am getting a 48’x48’ area ready to fence. I would like to solicit constructive criticism/feedback on my fencing ideas. A bit of background: The two bucks will be Nigerian Dwarf bucks, so that my two Nigerian Dwarf does can go on dates next spring. The reasoning for getting two bucks (instead of a buck and a wether) is because my two does are related, so I wanted each doe to have a completely unrelated buck. That way any progeny I keep could (in theory) be bred back if that looks to be a good idea.

    The components of the fencing are as follows:
    • 4” x 4” goat and sheep fencing
    • Electric wire, held in place at an internal offset of 5”
    • 2x6 boards
    • 4/5” wooden fence posts
    The general design of the fence, looking at the fence from the perspective of the buck, would be electric wire closest to the goat, followed by the goat and sheep fencing, followed by the 2x6 boards. The electric wire would be closer to the bucks by 5” in the hopes that this may discourage attempts to climb - tougher to get a foothold that way. It ends up being a complicated fencing sandwich that will hopefully prevent their escape.

    It is more difficult to understand when written but easier when visualized, so I will attach my drawing.

    I was planning on using a standard cattle gate, but am not married to that idea. Is 48’x48’ enough for two ND bucks? I have more area available, but was hoping to build a few more paddocks like this one to rotate into. I will of course be putting in shelter from the elements and feed/water capabilities within them, but those are much more straightforward.

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    Sounds pretty solid to me. I also think it’s enough room as long as you make sure to clean up once in a while.
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  3. Moers kiko boars

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    Apr 22, 2018
    I really like your idea. My Bucks pen are cattle panels on t posts with a hot wire. They contained a Boer x Kiko buck about 275 lbs. A full Spanish buck @ 200 lbs and a full blood Myotonic buck @ 150lbs. No escapes. It was an acre. So Im sure your idea will be more than enough.!
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    Sounds ok. They would need to be rotated in different pastures since 48x48 isn't very big. But certainly rotating pastures are fine.
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    Jul 19, 2020
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    Thank you for the responses!

    @Ashlynn Yep, I am pretty fussy about cleaning! My two little does have had to battle worms already this year, and one of them suffered from mites. I do not know whether they came to me with these issues, or developed them here. I’ve only had them for two months and that seems like a lot for them to go through, so I leave no bedding unturned! I don’t want the bucks to have to go through that, either.

    @Moers kiko boars That is good to know. I was undecided on how large I wanted to make the buck area - the does have over an acre, but do not use anywhere near the entirety of it, as they are pretty small still and the brambles and fodder trees are pretty dense. Also good to know how you are keeping the much larger breeds of bucks in. I do like these Nigerians a lot, but I also am fond of Nubians which would be a much larger buck. Branching out into different breeds would definitely come down the road a ways.

    @ksalvagno It does feel a bit small. I’m hoping to make paddocks that can be used for a month or so, then rotate to another of similar size in an effort to keep parasite loads down. I’m in the wet, humid, and hot southeastern U.S., and my understanding is that this may be a challenge. It is something that if it shows promise in, I’d like to set up something similar with my does. We shall see.
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  6. We have 2 bucks and something that works well for us is a fence down the middle of the buck pen. Our buck area is quite large and we have two small buildings in there. One on each side of the center fence with a gate between. For most of the year they are together but when they are in hard rut and wanting to fight they are separated by this fence that has a double hot wire on each side of it to keep the fence fighting from happening. We also have a gate on each side going to the outside of their area. The side that shares with the does also has a hot wire on the inside and the outside. This has worked well for us - I hate to see them get into it and get their heads all bloodied up, they are never alone as they see each other and the girls thru the fences. Hope I explained this well enough to be understood. We use the red top sheep and goat fence with the 4x4 holes also.
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  8. TheUnfetteredAcre

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    This information is so helpful - thank you all for sharing!

    @wndngrvr, I am quite intrigued by your setup. One of the options considered was dividing the acre+ currently allotted to the does in half. My concern was that shared part of the fence if I took that route. Do your bucks become difficult to handle/contain when your does are in heat, or do they generally handle it OK? Do you incorporate any boards or planks of wood in your fence that is shared with the does?

    Also, what do you use for the perimeter of the buck pen (or is it the same as the fence that divides the two bucks, and the shared fence between bucks and does)?
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