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Buck is shaking

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My buck Norris is shaking from the cold. He has a huge winter coat and access to a stall filled with hay. My does aren't cold but he is. Do you think my extra dog blanket would be ok to put on him? It is the kind made like a horse blanket. It is only 27* so I don't know what he's gonna do when it hits 0!
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He will probably be okay. How new is he to your place? Maybe some Probios and warm water would help.
He has been here about 4 days. He seems well settled and has already settled my does. Just worried about him.
Have you taken his temp?

The reason for asking is he might have something else going on; not just cold or shaking because of outside temp.
I will go take his temp right now.
Did you get a temp yet?
Yes his temp was normal and he has stopped shaking. I'm guessing he was just cold? He is also eating fine.
Since he is new, I would do Probios daily for a week. Just to be sure rumen is doing well. He could have been cold.
When I bought my buck home he was shaking for a few days. I took it as him being a bit scared of the new place once it stopped and it was actually colder out
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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