Buck pen...what would you do?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by 4hmama, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Jan 9, 2009
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    I am getting ready to fence in a larger buck pen. Here are my options...help me decide please! Both would be about 1/2 acre in size.

    Option #1 - Across the gas well road from the does. No water source (would have to haul water). Some shade, some browse. Would need to build a shelter. Can see easily from house.

    Option #2 - Further away from the does. Creek runs through middle. Shares fence with neighbor's sheep. More shade, more browse. Shelter there that could be converted. Can NOT see from the house.

    There would be adequate browse and shade in each - one just has a little more than the other. #2 - my concern is the close proximity to the sheep, and the fact that you can't see it from the house. The positive is that it already has shelter and I wouldn't need to haul water. What would you guys do?
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    As long as they aren't sharing a fenceline with the sheep( sheep can transmit disease to goats) the pasture with the ready made shelter and accessible water would be the best bet and I'm sure they wouldn't be "unseen" because I know you'd worry and be out there checking them a few times a day. :hug:

    If the thought of them being unseen from the house is an issue, a sturdy shelter can be made easily and a large enough water container can be filled to allow for fresh water even though hauling it would be a pain.....this is where a quad and cart or a yard tractor and cart would come in handy :wink:

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    I'd go with #1
    you can see them
    and you'd need to be sure that the bucks wouldnt break into the sheep pen, or that the sheep are free of disease.
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    I would say take the water! Hauling water could get tricky if you have a few...unless you are skeptical that the sheep could give them something...
  5. Well you could do number one and just get a LONG hose. HEHE It would be better but number two would not be bad I would just leave some space on the fenceline so you do not have the transmission. Oh, and a good LGD would be good in that pen too.
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    Depends on how far you have to haul water? There isn't water next to my goats, but they aren't that far from the house.

    I'd be concerned about sharing a fence for a number of reasons...especially if it is the neighbors fence.

    I'd probably pick #1 and see if you could set up a hose or work out some other way to carry water down.
  7. greatcashmeres

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    Jul 13, 2008
    I say Option 1, but that's more because personally I like to be able to see my goats. Since you would be checking on him/them at least once a day, unless it's a complicated process, you could deliver water then. Also, I'm not sure the financial investment you have in your buck/bucks, but my concern would be not knowing as soon as possible, if something was wrong.