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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by NubianLover, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. NubianLover

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    Sep 19, 2010
    I redid my goat pens so all my does can be out together. The boys share a fence line with them. Now my 2 boys are real interested in one of the younger does as she is in heat. My question is about the boys, though. My older buck keeps mounting the younger one. The younger one just stands there as he is sticking his head through the pannel to "talk" to the doe, but I am worried the older one may hurt the younger one's back. Is that possible? Is there any way to keep the older one from mounting the younger one? He does this even when they are inside, but should I maybe put them back in the barn for the day?
    Thanks for any help :hug:
  2. Hidden Waters Farm

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    Oct 3, 2010
    I think it really depends on how much larger the older buck is, Mature vs. this years in the same breed isnt very fair but shouldnt do damage. I wouldnt do a standard mature and a young mini breed together however.

    The only way I can think of to prevent the mounting is separate them, Its nature and normal for them. You have to remember, bucks do this to practice so they are ready for does. They also have to be quick when owners come running to prevent an accidental breeding :p

    Anyways, The only real danger I see the little guy may get hurt if his head got stuck in the fence and the older buck rammed him etc. and he couldnt get away.

    Pm'ed you!

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I have 3 boys together...1 small 6 year old pygmy buck, a tad taller 3 year old nigi buck and the biggest of the 3 is a ptgmy/nigi cross wether, they all mount each other..or try to. Only issue I have is when it comes to food, Teddy, the wether is a jerk and claims it all for his. They do ram each other too. I think most bucks regardless of breed will get agressive with breeding during rut, wether or not there is a doe present. Unless the smaller one gets stuck and is beat on, I wouldn't worry too much about the other mounting him...if he was getting hurt he would definately move out of harms way.
  4. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    My three boys are together too. One is 4 the wether is 2 & young buck almost a yr. He is the low man on the totem pole, even the wether keeps him in line.
    Sr has a small chunk of horn missing from fighting with the one who Im sure he knew was a challenge to his seniority & not his off spring like the younger buck is.
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    Oct 29, 2009
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    They also have to be quick when owners come running to prevent an accidental breeding :p

    :ROFL: :slapfloor: Soooooooo very true! HAHAHAHA
  6. NubianLover

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    Sep 19, 2010
    Well they are both nubians. Last years is big, but this years isn't too far behind.... he was a February baby.... Is not too much shorter than him.

    The young buck seemed ok tonight. He looks to be a tad sore on his hind legs, but he is not limping or acting off. I will just keep an eye on them and see if I need to seperate. Only bad thing is, when seperated, the younger one screams so bad! He acts like he has no goats nearby!