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Buck rag

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Sooo when I had two bucks both were in rut peeing all over themselves and going crazy over the ladies we’ll I sold one buck like a month or two ago and the buck I have has no interest in the girls. So my question will a buck rag bring him back into rut?? If so where can I get one??

I preg tested my ladies that had CIDRS and he only bred one of the 3 he had. I haven’t seen heats but I think it’s because he’s not good and stinky.
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Anyone with a buck in rut should be able to give you a buck rag. Take a cotton (absorbs well) rag that was not washed in some perfumed detergent, rub it all over the scent glands on the buck, his urine soaked chin, front legs, etc. then seal in a zip lock, within another ziplock bag in a clean (not perfumed soap washed ) jar, sealed well. Let the animal you want to breed or buck, smell it a few times. Seal it back up.
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