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    Hi all, been away for a long time but I need your wonderful help again. Our nubian, Cohosh, is in the barn now and I noticed early in the week that he has a huge lump just under his ear. Like the size of my fist! I have no idea if it just appeared, or if I just noticed it, since his ear hangs down and it was somewhat hidden. We immediately began giving him daily injections of pen G, hoping it is an infection rather than CL or something life threatening. I have been giving him 5-6cc a day, and today will be day 5. It does look like it has gone down some. Can I continue to give him Pen G or is the limit 5 days? And do you think the dosage is enough? I would hate to lose this guy...he seems very healthy otherwise, but I know CL can kill a goat eventually. Thank you! Brooke
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    Oct 4, 2007
    well I would have him tested for CL so you can concentrate your efforts properly

    you can give pen G for 7-10 days even so yes you can do more then the 5 days.

    how much does your buck weigh? what breed is he and how old?

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    If he is an adult nubian....5-6cc's of Pen likely is not enough. However, I would have a vet lance it and get the ick tested for CL asap.... you don't want it to burst on your property if it is CL.

    Hopefully he just has a sliver of hay or something in there.
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    Not always.....does CL kill...it all depends on ...where the abscesses is located....
    Internal ones are the worse.... CL is very contagious... care ...gloves and caution is recommend.....

    Isolate the goat from the other goats.... until you can figure out what is is....for sure...

    If you don't want... to treat the abscess yourself....lance it ect.... You can take the goat in to the vet and have them... take some of the goo and test it for CL...
    that way you will know for sure... and at the same time ....they will clean it out ...ect... that way.... you won't expose your ground.... treating the goat yourself at your place....

    PenG will not cure CL... there is no cure..... Now... if the abscess... is from something else.... that festered.... like a sliver or tooth abscess... the PenG does help ....however ....it is best to lance it and get the infection out...for pen treatment to be effective.... and flush it for a few days... as well.. :wink:
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    Cohosh is a pretty big goat, so maybe I should give him a little more. I do NOT want to lance it at this point, because I know how toxic the gunk can be if it is, indeed, CL. I guess I'll give him more Pen and if it doesn't start going down I will call a vet. I don't want it lanced anywhere on my property if I can help it! Thank you!!!
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    If it loses hair and softens, it will look like it's going down, and that will mean, if it is CL, that it is getting close to rupturing and you are running out of time. As Pam said, he needs to be isolated, and if it ruptures you will not be able to use the place you have him for goats or sheep for years. Unless you decide to live with CL. It probably would be a good idea to take him to a vet right away to get this done. If it isn't CL you will know for sure, and if it is you will also know, even more important.

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    Wow. This is so nerve wracking. My husband says it was soft all along, very malleable. We have been thinking it's a result of his being in rut, rubbing against the fencing (his muzzle is nearly raw), maybe caught it on something. But Jan, your advice is excellent. We will put him in the old stalls we haven't used since we built our new barn, and call the vet tomorrow. We put down a doe maybe a year ago because she had two abscesses and we were too afraid of what would happen if they ruptured. I so don't want to lose this guy. Thank you for your insight. Brooke
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    The only way to know for sure what it is, is a blood draw - better yet sending the insides of the abcess in to the lab. Not only will this tell you if it is CL or not - but it will also tell you if you need to be using a gram positive or gram negative antibiotic IF it is not CL.

    There is a misconception that to be CL it must be hard - this is NOT true. When a CL abcess first starts it IS a liquid and very pliable. It is not untill it starts to dry out and get ready to burst that it is hard and hair loss.

    At this point - if he rubs it on ANYTHING and ruptures it - then you are risking contaminating the entire property.

    I can tell you - if you take a syringe, tap it - draw back to get the gunk in the syringe - if it stinks - it is 99% sure NOT CL - but if it has no smell - you ARE looking at 99% being CL.

    PLEASE PLEASE at least isolate him and do a smell test on the gunk, at a minimum. If it is super smelly then clean it out thoroghly, continue with antibiotics, but send that gunk in to make sure that you are treating correctly.