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We use soft panniers, and put buckets inside of those.
We got square food storage buckets with a rubber seal (very water tight). We put our optics, sleeping bags, clothes, and fragile stuff inside them. We label the tops (good ol' duct tape) with the contents, so at camp we have the buckets handy for sitting on, and get to play musical chairs to see who's sitting on the bucket with the Snickers in it.

They work well not only by keeping water out, but also by keeping dirt out, and keeping the goats from going on a raid.

They're also extremely handy for filling up with water and mixing a Powerade boost for the goats before really big days. And we also use a bucket to bring water back to camp so we can filter it there. Much easier than sitting on a 4"x6" rock near a stream.

And oh yes, a goat can spot an open bucket from 100 yards away! :0
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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