Buckling with tight tummy?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by hprice3920, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. hprice3920

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    Nov 21, 2007
    I'm not sure how old this little guy is, but I have had him a few weeks and he has always been eating hay and grain, but size wise as big as a 6-8 week old. I de-wormed last week and when I picked him up I noticed his timy is tight and not mushy like the others. :shrug:
    I'm not sure if I should be worried or not? He had runny poop a few weeks ago, but the Vet test it for coccidia (sp?) and said no so I though the stress of disbudding and different feed.
    I did give him some probios for the runny poop and that corrected the problem.
    He seems fine. Should I check for anything else? I'm going to watch his poop today to make sure he is going. :?
  2. kelebek

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I would give him a little bit of baking soda. It sounds like he might be a little bloaty.

    Is it always tight, or just after feeding time?

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    bloating sounds like a possibility. I would give him some baking soda. The way to do this is to add a little water to the baking soda and form it into a ball. Stuff the ball into his mouth and of course he will spit some out but because it is wet most of it will stick to his mouth. Massage his stomach to get things moving and within a couple minutes you should hear some burping or him passing gas. If not give him some more baking soda and massage his tummy more.
  4. enjoytheride

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I think that if he has chronic bloat (tight tummy?,) that something more basic is going on.
    Cocci is a sneaky thing that soemtimes does not show up in fecals even though damage is going on. I would treat for it even if negative simply based on symptoms and the fact that cocci can do damage to a kid so fast and it is so common.
    When the vet said no cocci, did he say other things? A worming might not have targeted the worms that he had.
    I agree with you that it is worrisome- it says something is going on not quite right.
  5. hprice3920

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    Nov 21, 2007
    How much baking soda should I feed him?
    The Vet said a change in diet might have caused the runny poop.
    He came from a goat auction :cry: Poor little guy. I'm going to try and get a good picture of him to post. He is white/cream with blue eyes and stunning.
    I got him from someone near me that got him from a goat auction. I don't know how old he is and I cant imagine anyone not wanting to keep such a cutie. :shrug:
  6. hprice3920

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    Nov 21, 2007
    This is Ivan. He was too busy eating to hold his head up for a good picture.
    His eyes look a little puffy today. There is something in the hay that does that to him. :shrug:
  7. susanne

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    Nov 12, 2007
  8. hprice3920

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    Nov 21, 2007
    He was given to me as a favor and I put it together that he came from an auction.
    When I got him he was already weaned and I have had he 3 weeks.
    I watched him yesterday and he has perfect berry poop so I dont think it's cocci. He is eating bermuda/orchard grass hay and I feed Dumar goat food that is medicated for goats only. I might be worried about nothing. I've had some bad luck this year with the babies so I check on everything now.
    I'm going to try the baking soda just in case. I was told you can leave it out for them and they know when they need it. :?
  9. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    normal stools doesnt' always mean that he doesn't have cocci but it is good to note.

    as to the baking soda -- when they are seriously bloated they won't eat enough baking soda to really do any good. Yes you can leave it out free choice for them. I dont' because it just becomes a waste as they poop in it
  10. Di

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Please have him checked for Cocci, I had a doeling that was acting "off" and nothing specific, depressed kind of but stools were fine, I had the vet out. She was overloaded with Cocci, Vet said it was good we caught it in time! Good luck!