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Bucks in rut are more "energetic" then when in rest but should do well in the same pen as long as Does arent around..I have three together with no problem..they chase, run and ride eachother, but no one is trying to kill the other...sounds like your boys just do not like eachother...if you watch them, you should be able to tell who the aggressor is...who is coming at who, and replace him...also if you have does running with the buck who are sharing a fence line, this could also create a problem...they are now protecting their ladies...and by doing so no one is getting bred because Hubby is too busy protecting their honor..
You could run a path between the fences so fence dont can use pallets to create a cheap or free privacy fence..or consider that one buck will do the job and sell the other...or replace one of the bucks. best wishes
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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