Buckskin grade nigerian doe & blue eyed wattled doe F/S - MI

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Velcro is a pretty broken buckskin unregistered Nigerian doe. Born Oct 2009 and I have owned her since she was a weanling so am sure of her age. She is a nice looking doe with a long neck, long bodied, and nice flat topline. She is sweet and easy to handle. Velcro has nice clean teats and should make a nice little family milker. For sale because I would like to retain some doelings from my registered does and currently have limited space. Disbudded and no scurs.

    I have started training her to the milk stand and she is doing well. She is learning to jump up on her own, put her head through the stanchion, and then have her udder area handled. Velcro can be bred to my polled Nigerian buck from nice milking lines, Olson Acres's Zoot Suit Riot, if desired.

    Located in South Lyon, MI just north of Ann Arbor. Asking $150 with the breeding included.

    Here is Velcro.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My buck is Olson Acres Zoot Suit Riot. Polled broken brown buckskin. He is sired by Dragonfly L Mr. Irresistable *S out of Wood Bridge Too Fancy.

    Irresistable is by Dragonfly TA Lancelot du Lac (Stonewall's Turner Ashby 'E' x ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For the Party *D 'E' 91.1 ") out of Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 3*D 'E' 91.0 AR LA VEEE 90 (PGCH/MCH Little Rascals American Hero x MCH Twin Creeks BW Fantasea 2*D) Party and Chiaroscuro

    Irresistable http://www.olsonacres.com/Irresistable%20page.htm

    Fancy is by CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B ((ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My
    Thumb +*S 'E' x ARMCH/GCH Rosasharn's TL Arwen 8*D, 2*M 'VEEE' 90) and
    out of CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun (Buttin' Heads Sonic Hero x
    CH Sugar Creek PT Ring-Neck-Dove *D).
    (Honeybun) http://www.woodbridgefarm.org/seniordoes2.html
    (Pippin) http://woodbridgefarm.org/herdsire.html

    Fancy http://www.olsonacres.com/Fancy%20page.htm





    I also have a sweet broken cream blue eyed wattled unregistered Mini-Mancha doe, Willow, that could go with Velcro as a companion. I could be wrong but I do think this doe is a free-martin and probably infertile. She has tiny teats, an underdeveloped looking vulva and I have not seen her in heat. Disbudded and no scurs. $70 obo or both Velcro and Willow together for $200

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If interested post or PM me for contact info. :) Located in South Lyon, MI. $150 for Velcro alone with breeding included or $200 obo for both Velcro and Willow.

    Thank you,
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    Re: Buckskin grade nigerian doe & blue eyed wattled doe F/S

    Id love to get both of them but I live in Tennessee and cannot afford shipping (or a road trip!). I love 'free-martins'. We have a hermaphradite here name Lucielle. She looks like a buck though! xD

    Beautiful girls! Hope someone buys them together. :)