Building a new doe barn!

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    Thanks I appreciate it! I definitely can't wait to get it done, but have so much work to do once we can get this mostly done. Fence and where to put it is our biggest challenge. We've agreed on some things, but my husband doesn't realize we have to plan for the future as in, summer time. We'll probably have 4-5 young bucks through the summer if there are shows & still need to look for a new buck in about a month (when this group of kids are ready to wean so he'd have buddies).
    All 8 does will be together and finding a place for them to sleep or be out of the rain is the issue. I honestly am thinking we should set up the old cattle panel shelter (panels and cover only), in about the same place it was but running same direction as the new barn - after we put down gravel, then they could sleep in there during the summer into fall, or in barn if weather is nasty/stormy. So we'll see. I'd honestly love to buy another carport to put in that spot and maybe make some sides - even with fence boards so they have a good place to sleep and eat hay. We'll see what happens and what I can convince my husband we need lol
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    Looks great! I can't wait to start working on my barn this spring.